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Bigglesworth Boys

* Grand Champion Aphaberry Boris Becker (Boris)

( 3 Imperial Grand Champion Certificates)


Born: 04.09.16

Boris is an incredible red self, who is tick based and so has a beautifully clear coat. He is an enormous boy, with a very gently nature. I am beyond ecstatic that he has been able to join us to improve the size and boning of my kittens and he has given me some lovely babies. My huge thanks go to his breeder Stephen McConnell for allowing him to join me.

Boris is at Closed Stud unless invited, he is blood group B

* Makdissy Flaming Hot

Theo, Red and White Bi-Colour.  Carries Chocolate

Theo joined us summer 2019, from my good friend Kelly Makdissy and continues my love affair with red.  It is hoped that this will now mean that we are able to produce red girls and the chocolate series bi and tri colours.  As soon as shows are back up and running, he will be out on the bench to try and achieve his Champion title.  Thank you Kelly for allowing Theo to join us at Bigglesworth.

Theo is B blood group and now proven.

* Bigglesworth ​ Egyptian King

Mo is a black self and is the son of Bigglesworth Naughty at Forty and Bigglesworth Titan.  I am running him on with a view of him becoming a stud in 2021.  Mo is B blood group and PKD normal.  I am awaiting his genetic testing to confirm whether he carries any colors or longhair.  He is not yet working.